Above it the link to a totally TYPICAL “”  FAQ about Google TV and its er. impact on you.

Before the latter day pundits and experts start bloggin, and before Glenn Beck becomes “Oprah 2.0” ( im sick and my act made me so) Ill just clue you in on what Google TV is really about for us obsolete humans.

1. Remember what Google Ads and the Net did for the Print Media. both for gossip rags like the Weekly World News and for “jounals” like the Washington Post ?  And lets not even touch on CraigsList models….  well Google TV when overlayed over all Video/Film media will do the SAME THING to it as a media and as a economic generator.  And we all know that we make nothing anymore in the US accept for celebrity video content to sell globally.;)

2. Remember those cool guys and gals on MAD MEN, and my previous post on MAD MACHINES, the one that confused you so badly?, well GOOGLETV IS the first MAD MACHINE. or at least its enabler. Think of it as the “UNCLE MILTIE”  for the robot generation. Texaco wont be paying any middle aged guy to wear a dress though, since so many already do it for free and post it on YouTube. (Googles own video content network- built up on stolen TV shows anyway)… no TEXACO, er. BP, think global – will just pay GOOGLE to place “link active” oil soaked smiling fishes to swim along the bottom third of every “channel” until you need to click on them to learn that BP is good for the fish and for YOU.:) Oh and yes, forget any channels having story shows about humans like MAD MEN, since the guy in the dress streaming from his mothers basement, is so much more cost effective -er free.

3. So thats its in a 123 nutshell, Its not the GOOGLEtv device you see online today from Logitech or Sony with that xbox/keyboard controller///scary. eh? its really just a service call install and a new “zapper” thats actually your loveable android apple iphone, that you already attached to you hip.

ooh touch slide drag control…. and it woiks that big screen at home too!…

So welcome to the age of all you can buy, but nothing you can afford.

So what exactly are “we” supposed to be ?