I’m beginning to see the future again. 20 years or so out. I know noone believes in seeing the future, and I agree, but what one should believe is that by looking deeply at the past, and by seeing today’s trends, that without god or nature to toss us a curveball, human’s do create their future, and mainly from the past they choose to ignore.

Nothing new to those who know. OK.

So we have now almost peaked in the age of spectacle, and fame. We unleashed the broadcast of the banal or incidental to mammoth scale via the world wide network of the internet and a world living virtually though others. ParaSocial is the term of the day for it. 

Kim Kardasian, known for “doing” very little has been rewarded from the future as the “more influencial” online , although she has less “followers” via the tweet, than some others….even those of larger “FAME”.

So what?. Thats Social Humans Today Right?

We have now in place the final overvalue of the FAME of people. Those who we “live vicariously” though via fame, and that the “smarter” folk use to medicate and keep the majority from threatening them with. will no longer require the “famous” to be “expensive” or “monetized”.
The first stage in the death of the paparazzi state  is the rise of “reality” star, who of course at first is cheap to employ or find, but very soon, like Ms. KimK, demands the investment that the regular “old media” Stars once did , culminating with the 20 million pay to play Movie Star. So only the method of “finding” has changed, gotten less valuable, the celebrity will soon cost the same as before, maybe more, as reach also “can” increase.

Here’s the rub, with the second stage of the death of fame, coming soon to a theater near you… The Web is niche and commodity driven. Its the accountants creation, not the artists. Its not place for the megascore, unless your talking “valuations” of B 2 B systems. A Platform can make you Facebook billionaire, until you loose youre “cool”…. but platforms run on many commodities not single stars.

Youtube already has began to offer us a KIM a day…and soon, it just will….. 1000 KIM’s a day, because its about a pennie from each faux KIM a day. or nanosecond.

Yes, its the old Superman 3, gag that “Richard Pryor” got over on the “man”. but of course, the man is now a machine…( an -underated Superman movie..lol_) and its a machine system that
dosnt place a “value” on the object of the fame…only its activity to generate whatever the machine is designed to increase. (its an adding machine under all the meta hype)

We humans already digest Snooki, and Lindsays antics and ethics as our civic values. But soon we wont require any ethical dilemnas to be the fodder of our coffee talks and daily buzzes. Because , simply. the software of the internet wont need humans doing stupid pet tricks to keep adding- keep growing.

To use a “dying” gamerz term… since they are all “virtual world” social graphing P2Ping… using “fame without value-worth” for their short term profits, they soon will find that Everyone around them will be an NPC. Machine tablulated for maximum return on investment. NPC’s will clap and applaud all day if programmed to.

The future of the virtuality state has no need for stories, for human heroes and villians, for the one thing the generation who is rushing toward it, “THINKS” they will be getting from it. FAME .

“We Dont need no Stinkin Badges.!”