I guess it’ll be a two Superman Post day.(I mention Superman 3 in a previous post). Today I saw that a reboot Superman is going into production. The fanboys over at AICN are all a flutter. They report the script is by Goyer and the Director will be Zack (300) Snyder. Both are known for “darker” visually stylistic comic book adaption movies. There’s two crowds of simplistic geeks arming in the AICN forums.. One type are the fundamentalists(which i would be closer too in many ways) who want the red white and blue Superman of old . The Farmboy – Reporter, and as close to Chris Reeves or the 60-80s comic character as possible. The other pine for a 90’s Superman, even though they dont say it, Angrier, growling and punching more, less thinking, younger, and if they studied the history of comics/Superman, with long hair and alot more red eyes, an Action fighter of  giant alien monsters, more than the older, social justice equalizer for the regular man being swallowed by the 20th centuries machines.

Superman does have a problem, unlike Batman or even Spiderman/Ironman who always used “tech” or “Science”  to augment themselves to be instruments of justice. Superman was also the SUPER MAN. He actually was the HUMAN who could DEFEAT the MACHINE…a  JOHN HENRY. for the 20th Century who WINS . The MAN OF TOMORROW when tommorow was meant for  humans, not cyborgs.
The underlying truth of the fanboyz cries at AICN is that they are mostly tech geeks, living under the machine ages ways. And that Superman , never really existed, never fought for them, and that they all really are Lex Luthors prodigies. ..not Supermans.
So what to do? Braniac/Luthor has become the actual hero to this younger generation… that’s one real reason why BATMAN or IRONMAN had legs while Superman Returns didnt reach the younger adult audience at all. Lex wasnt even an evil scientist since the 1970s…he became a business man of evil in 1985, while most of these fans were toddlers.

Here’s a thought to digest for those looking/ waiting for Superman- again.

Superman should no Longer the Hero character, Clark Kent should be.  No, not the Clark-child  of Smallville whos just kept to dense to figure out much( so that it an take 10 years to grow from 15-22) BUT  Clark Kent-the man who CHOOSE JOURNALISM, as his profession. Not as a way to see who he should go punch out…or to learn where the robots were running around BUT for it’s real value as the checks and balances for the little human guy in the age of the media machines that overtake them. Clark the Tech Humanist Hero and Nice Guy – whos actions attrack Lois .(this has been touched on in current years of superman lore) But this Clark Guy is the “hero” for the 21st mediaverse culture that teeters not under simple human to human injustice, but within the the complex machine to human interface that we now truly live within today. How to make that ZAPP! BAMMP! is the struggle these comic guys have today in reinventing Superman to be relevent and accessable to all ages.

Clark Kent  .dosent believe in any diety or myth. He only believes in the empathic values and theories of growth and nature that his eath parents instilled in him. Science is his rationality, since he has access to all of Kryptons Universal Library of “facts”.. but spiritually, he believes in justice and growth by love.(lois) Simple stuff. Human Stuff.Not techy stuff.
So thats the odd SUPERMAN puzzle for the 21st century. As the character also now falls back out of DC MACHINE OWNERSHIP and heads back to the 2 boys families who created him and his mythos over 70 years ago. Hes served his function for the 20th century as he was designed to. Not as the ULTRA HUMANITE BRAIN of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, but as it’s HEART.

Then again. even though the fanboys were confused by the complexity of the machine medium, but loving the gun play used to fight it. THIS was the Story of NEO in the MATRIX a decade ago.;) The fact that some at least “somehow” link SUPERMAN to the MATRIX- “cause NEO FLIES” is a little comfort I guess;)

If they make Clark an Emo Blogger who now growls when in a cape about “putting you down!! ” while fighting a monster in order to “update him” in a scanner darkly it will clearly show how SUPERMANs latest caretakers will have failed the 21th centuries children- even if they had the 20th centuries most highly recognized visual icon after mickey mouse and jesus to work from.

They will have only updated the SUPER..but not the MAN, and to this 40 year Superfan, It’s the man not the super that is the key to the 21st century battles me must fight for us in fiction.