Saw the Movie, liked it. Well made Film. Lessig is wrong, kinda. Sorkin did get it, but only needed one line (given to Justin) to make the point.

” we lived on farms, then we lived in cities, now we live on the internet! ” he yells out in a coked hyper moment.

The last generations tools becomes the next generations medium.-They LIVE IMMERSED in it, and will pass that experience on. Even if they cant see it.

when they tell you the “computer or the internet” is JUST A TOOL, it really means they either dont really get it, or they are lying for an agenda.

The telephone became the parrty line social media toy by the late 80s… as dereg, and new profit centers needed to be found. That coupled with the generation already born to need to be broadcast or non existant gave us the ma bell “social network”… as any teenage girl with her princess phone would tell you.

Facebook , as Star, will last as long as AOL did, when Tom Hanks had gotten mail;). The real star is the medium, there lessig was right… the internet as governed/or not has alllowed every theorist/hacker about fission an open/ ever widening “lab or petri dish” to experiment in. Lessig only talks about the buisnesses and economoy he as a lawyer can get a piece of…. since well as a lawyer, thats all he really does see, the manipualtion of the words as his tools.
Bill Joy saw the medium as a carrier for his grey goo… robots- his tools. And like those whose tools were “atoms” before. These new tools can be very powerfull…
Its that power that scares us… that births the fear, that drives (if the movie shows any reality) a young man to , strike out and release a tool built to harm another… that girl he called him an asshole…

Maybe the fact that we as a culture will be held hostage to that tool, as it becomes our medium, like “the bomb” before it.. that most likely caused the “fear” that led to the “movies” that Mark Zs parents saw as young folk, that informed them, to yet inform young Mark, who would one day create somthing that would be “da bomb” and inform his yet to be hatched children… both human blended.. and maybe even more importantly, grey goo based.:) IS the real lesson needed to be grokked.  We still determine if our tools become our medium, let’s hope that after the age of the internet, we still have that human freedom.