Im no economist, I hate math equations, and find more value in 2+2=5 than 1+1=2. That agreed too I have found the digital ages celestrial animal. It’s the Camel. Two Humped/not one.
The trends and fads and media induced economic bubbles have for 20 years come in 5 year humps. The first is smaller, the second larger and with the obviuos harder fall.

1990 was the start point (DTP – first Mac / media bubbles began -gotta get a MAC) cdrom born
1995 was the CDROM new media crash – software as media -internets born
2000- was the first Intenet crash- rich media web born
2005 – rich media crash – flash made for buttons not entertainemnt.-video wrapping/3d avatars web2.0 born.user gen, social born
2010 – web2.0 is now being understood by many fast- its folly, its over value of nothingness. and zynga will fall like 2000s DEN just as fast. Facebook and google to flow into Local yellow pages that one day many will find too expensive;)

2015 awaits