I found this link today. A talk from 2008. Probably too long ago for 90% of the Facebook Generation  to care….;)

I find that as I enter my third decade “wired” to the world, I really miss “journalism”. I was surprised and enjoyed last week back to back episodes of “LOU GRANT” I found on some lost 567? numbered comcast cable channel. I really had a thing for “Billie” when i was 16, all that “post Wategate journalism zeal” and she was one of the few “gingers” as the kids say, i had it for in my youth. – I was somewhere between Rossi and Animal in my imaginary role in the cast;). . I Google the actresss name looking for pictures to help me ailing “memory palace” of a brain.. I found a picture of the actress that was  googled deep in a childs facebook album and labeled “grandma kelsey with grandbaby”.. reality. bummer:)

BTW- While digging online about the LOU GRANT show, faux journalist as i was, I did read some interesting stuff that I had no idea about back in 1980ish about how the show got cancelled. More importantly, why. and it goes to the very point Im making about Journalism, and today’s 30 year later future.- go look it up.

Anyhow. Read the above link. It’s on the right track to “define the value” of a “jounalist” in the world today that encourages and celebrates unedited, and non facted checks post’s like this one.