I altered a lyric from a Genesis song from the 80s, right? Spitting Image Puppets? no?

Anyhow, I had a thought that thought while watching Google CEO Schmidt on Colberts show saying his comments about privacy were a “joke”..hes a joker were told..:) a few moments later I saw a clip of John Stewart getting the “inside” info on Middle East peace and the video interview being examined on the ABC Nightly News since they couldnt get the interview themselves it seemed..:).

Our Journalists- our Media at work…
Should we be surprised? no. should we be worried that Colbert and Stewart are considered todays Journalists? maybe as much as yesterdays b actors becoming our elected leaders….notice how all of these “jokers” gained power in California first…. 🙂

Genesis seemed to die and broke up after Phil Collins started getting movie theme song deals..from California. Not surprising, eh? Hollywood as the Illusion Factory..old meme.

Maybe as Comcast /Google/ and NBC all merge. Just as Apple and Disney have, we’ll see the end of the northern tech vs. southern IP  ” wars ” that have defined the states media for 30 years now.

What will we end up with ?  A Skynet that can’t Sing or Dance? Or a Matrix with a sense of humor? Either one, you can bet it’ll be tan and have capped teeth.