Ralph wasn’t the quickest “most literate” guy in town back when he drove you around the city in a bus in the 1950’s. But he’s looking mighty good when compared to his grandson’s IQ level.

Today in Florida ( go dumb!) A bus driver has been suspended for reading a KINDLE while driving. The entire page turner( his smoking gun click) was caught on a rider little brothers video phone.
So weve got a “more literate?” mutlitasking bus driver. Last week I saw a new car commercial that spent most of it’s visuals showing us cartoons on the drivers position screen. Not maps, but cartoons… and typical tv stuff— makes one really wonder what today’s youth are thunking.

A TV for the car’s driver …Its an idea that Alice would have scorned Ralph about, but like so many of Ralphs and sitcoms “outragous” ideas, theyve become accepted group wisdom within a generation.

Now of course the “solution” to all this non attentive dangerous driving, is robot cars, not educated drivers. This of course, is the type of BIG IDEA thinking that Ralph would have been good for. Let’s hope Alice is still around.