Sometimes the obvious just dosent click when youre more about talking then thinking. Case in point. Found this today..”future of books”…blah blah.. but the really funy part is the bloggers telling us the NELSON concept was named after NELSON MANDELA. The blogger is a fan of all things meta and then making better “smarter’ humanz, and worldz..etc.

Its Ted of course, Mr.Hyperlink, but it goes to show of course the real failing of the “relevance” and “popularity” engine-aka GOOGLE, that these meta pundits are telling us will make us better. Do you think that  “Mandela” was the top “Nelson” of the “Who’s this?” Google Query the blogger made? I guess its just possible that Mandela was the top Nelson in her mind as she wrote her  contribution to the world  (of meta;).

“Build a Computer that will read your mind” is Serg’s dream.. The Krell had such dreams.. and then reality took over.:)

IDEO does good thinking work, this demo is a little old in idea, but timely in sales attempts…
and its worked to get “fed into the machine” to talk about the future of  visual /social /networked “books”

Its too bad todays most numerous machines arentbeing  programmed to read, see or  learn , but only transmit .
And yes. I mean the humans. not the software or the web.:)