For years I jokingly replied to the question “Who are You?” with the answer “I’m the bastard son of McLuhan and Roddenberry.”

Not unlike many I was born into a generation in a time and place that was formed more by the ideas and the images that surrounded these two individuals works as much as the efforts of my parents- family. It takes a village;)..and a TV screen in every room by 1980 it seems;)

Specifically I was born 4 days before November 22, 1963., so Ive always had a mental relationship with the actions of that day in my country. As I look back at 40 plus years of cognitive thoughts It’s really not surprising that the images of that day, recorded by that tiny 8mm consumer hand camera by an average everyman , became the iconic “media” images and idea generators for that generation. Today a few days after the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, it’s clear to me from my bastard upbringing that Osama and Bush  have their own brood to deal with today in the guise of ZuckerBooks and Pages;) but that’s an idea for a later posting.

For now, welcome to MEDIA BASTARD. I hate blogging, hate the whole term and idea of it.  But like much else created for human’s today. It’s free and easy, until of course one figures out it ISN’T. But for this moment I’ll start the delusion and see if some reality can be found in another virtuality.

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